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July 8th, 2021

As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him. Psalms 18:30

Prayer List

Jerry & Jean Armstrong
Tricia Ashley
Charles Awtrey
Jimmy Barco
Katie Beall
Russ Bennett
Betty Bledsoe
Lynn Blumreich
Ruth Busch
Tommy Childers
Mark Florence
Dale Frady
Jack Gotlieb
David Gust
Debra Harper
Ruth Heusel
Jon (II) & Pam Irwin
Marta Izqueirdo
Phyllis Jackson
Suzy Jenkins
Tiffany Kimble
Robin Kimsey
Gary Leonhardt
Rita Little
Dean Matthews
Casey, Lisa, & Katerina McConnell
Marty McRoberts
Mark Ressmeyer
Brandy Roquemore
Natalie Sipe
Farrah Taylor
Jane Taylor
Les Thorpe
Sharyn Warren
Zach, Mackalia & Baby Eva

Homebound/Nursing Home

Marilyn Bostrom, Brasstown
Gene Brumbaugh, at home
Pat Burgess, at home
Clella Byers, at home
Wayne & Rene Garn, at home
Homer Goddard, at home
Jean Hattaway, at home
Adele Moody, Brasstown
Fran Peacock, at home
Flora Jean Roberts, at home
Callie Stahl, Brasstown
Katherine Taylor, Blue Ridge
James Webb, at home
Ann & Sam Wilburn, at home

In the Hospital

Nancy Kelly, UGH



ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE RE-STARTS After pausing this ministry during the pandemic, it is time to start back this fall! This ministry serves a population eager to learn English! Volunteers do not need to speak a foreign language or be professional teachers. All they need to do is speak English, love Jesus and we can teach them the rest! To volunteer or for more information, please contact Mary Dolvin, 828-389-9451.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY  Are you ready for a rewarding experience? Join our unique Hospice Volunteer community. Homestead Hospice is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary HEARTS. We believe the power of volunteering changes lives……For more information please call Shannon Larsen at 706.835.3960  or email at: [email protected].

MEDIA VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Media team is in need of volunteers to help on Sunday mornings during worship service. The following positions are available: cameras, sound, and screens. Husband and wife teams and dynamic duos are highly encouraged! Volunteers typically serve once a month. If you are interested, contact the church office at: [email protected] or call at 706-896-2281.

NEW BIBLE STUDY - THE PROVIDENCE OF GOD | 7/18 A new 6-week book study, The Providence of God, begins on Sunday, July 18th at 6:00 pm. Learn how God is directing all things toward the fulfillment of His purposes. If interested, contact Ed Dearborn at 706-896-0977, or email him at: [email protected].

PUERTO RICO MISSION TRIP INFORMATIONAL MEETING | 7/18 We are excited to be returning to Puerto Rico this fall with a mission team from McConnell. The dates for the trip church will be October 30 through November 5. There is still a lot of work is needed for the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. An informational meeting will be Sunday, July 18 after the morning service in the cry room. If you are interested, or think you may be interested, join us to get more information.

BAPTISM | 7/18 We will have baptism on Sunday morning, July 18. If you, or someone you know would like to be baptized, contact the church office at 706-896-2281.

Kingdom Prayer Focus

Father, thank you for giving us the desire to fight for what is right – and that is fighting for the faith! Keep us ever vigilant of false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing who distort the truth in order to draw a following. Remind us to die to ourselves daily so we can be the godly men and women you need us to be for this church body. Strengthen our commitment to study, so that we can accurately handle, and skillfully teach your word of truth. Show us who you want us to partner with to keep our focus on Jesus, for if one of us falls, the other is there to help. In the process, remind us that your Holy Spirit is our best advocate! And finally, Lord, help us to remember to put into practice everything that we’ve learned. Give us your strength and your peace in Jesus’ name, amen.



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