If you are a McConnell church member, you may submit up to five (5) names for recommendation to this office by June 21, 2020. A committee of deacons will examine your recommendations, interview to determine eligibility and willingness to serve, and bring the list of nominees back to the church for election. Thank you for your prayerful participation in this very important process. Please take a moment to review the qualifications and other standards for service.


1. Good reputation (Acts 6:3). A deacon must have a good reputation in the community, as well as, with those inside the church.
2. Full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:3). -The bigness of character, in spiritual outlook, and personal dedication.
3. Full of wisdom (Acts 6:3). - Wisdom born in a relationship with the Holy Spirit.
4. Full of faith (Acts 6:5). - Like Stephen’s, a deacon’s power depends on faith.
5. Sincere (1 Tim. 3:8). - One who possesses Christian purpose, who has great reverence for spiritual matters.
6. Speaks the truth in love (1 Tim. 3:8). - Dependable and responsible, in control of his tongue.
7. Not given to much wine (1 Tim. 3:8). - Temperate in living, steward of good influence, doing all to the glory of God.
8. Not greedy or materialistic (1 Tim. 3:8). - A right attitude toward material possessions; doesn’t exploit others for personal gain or profit.
9. A holder of the faith (1 Tim 3:9). - A man who gives strength to the church fellowship and possesses spiritual integrity in all matters.
10. Above reproach (1 Tim. 3:9-10). - A man against whom no charge of wrongdoing can be brought with success.
11. Tested and proved (1 Tim. 3:10). - A deacon should not be a new believer but one who has already demonstrated the spiritual qualifications before being elected to serve.
12. Christian family life (1 Tim. 3:11-12). – A deacon must be the spiritual leader in their own home, provides for their family’s physical and spiritual needs, and whose relationships with their wife and children are healthy and growing.
13. Husband of one wife (1 Tim. 3:12). - Model of faithful devotion to one spouse committed to the sanctity of the marriage bond.
14. Bold in the faith (1 Tim. 3:13). - Strong and effective because he uses his office as a deacon in the right way, for the right purpose.


1. A Deacon will accept the Bible as the authority for personal conduct and church policy.
2 A Deacon will understand his position as a “Ministering Servant.” The wishes of the congregation must have priority over his personal wishes.
3. A Deacon will feel that the Baptist faith is the best expression of his Christian faith.
4. A Deacon will believe the teachings of 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and as such must be holy (set apart) for the service of God. This is to commit heart, soul, mind, and strength to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
5. A Deacon will be expected to support the total church program, with his presence and his tithes and offerings.
6. A Deacon after expressing his personal views and finding himself in the minority must be willing to cooperate with the decision of the majority.
7. A Deacon will agree to keep confidential the deliberations of the Deacon meetings for the best interest of the church.


Nominees for deacon must have been a McConnell church member for at least one year.


Those who are EXCLUDED from this initial recommendation process are those who are currently serving as a deacon:

Jerry Armstrong
Dennis Barry
Mark Bennett
Tommy Clark
Benny Cone
Ed Dearborn
Garry Denton
Steve Edmiston
John Gallogly
Dan Guss
Richard Hanks
Henry Harnage
Kelley Harris
Phil Heard
Glenn Herreid
Bob Louder
Bill McDaniels
Ed McGowan
Bob Miller
Johnny Nichols
John Noon
Richard Parkman
Roger Peterson
Dwayne Phillips
David Rogers
Chip Shively
Terry Thomas
Jerry Townsend
Pat Turner
Tony Wade
Jere Weaver
James Webb
Dwight Wilson
Glenn Wright
Lee Wroten

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