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WARM UP:  What feelings come to your mind when you hear the term “Empty Nest”? Are they generally positive or negative? Why or why not?


Many couples see the empty nest as something to be dreaded rather than something to look forward to. As a matter of fact, many marriages don’t weather the empty nest well at all. Rather than thriving in this new season of life, they find themselves struggling to just survive it.
You may or may not be there yet but if you do things right, one day the kids are going to move out and start lives on their own. One day, your career is going to come to an end and you are going to retire. Then, it is going to be just the two of you. Will you be ready?
If you are raising your family right now, there are some things that you can start doing right now that you will look back on when the nest is empty and say, “I am so glad we did”rather than saying, “I wish we had.”


  1. When it comes to change, what do you like least about it? What are some possible upsides to change?
  2. Read Isaiah 43:1-3:What is the situation? What were the Israelites afraid of?
  3. When it comes to the empty nest, what change is hardest for a mom? For a dad? How does an empty nest change a family’s schedule and routine?
  4. Pastor Steve said, “We are always heading for trouble when we try to define ourselves horizontally instead of vertically.” What does it mean to define yourself vertically?
  5. Read Isaiah 43:18-19:What was God asking the Israelites to do?What was the potential pay-off?
  6. Pastor Steve said, “There’s nothing wrong with remembering and celebrating the past but God doesn’t want you to get stuck there!” How hard is it for you to let go of what’s familiar to embrace something new and unsure?
  7. Leaving behind the familiar in order to embracing the new and unfamiliar can often times feel like wandering in the wilderness.What are two things Pastor Steve said you can do that will help you keep from getting lost?
  8. What was one thing from the message that spoke to you the most? Why that?
  9. What challenged or caused you to think the most? Why?


  • What is one thing God is asking you to let go of right now?
  • What wilderness are you walking through right now?  How can we pray for you?