Lord’s Supper: The Fragrance of Fatih

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Bible study logoThe Fragrance of Faith

Small Group Study Guide, Communion

Feb. 21th, 2016

Warm Up: If you had a year’s wages to blow on friends, how would you spend it? What’s the most beautiful, touching thing you’ve ever seen one person do for another?

Background: The Gospel of Mark tells us two nights before the Passover a tight cluster of friends surrounded Jesus in the home of Simon the Leper. He used to be Simon the Leper until he met Jesus. Now, he’s just Simon. As a token of his love and gratitude, he’s prepared a banquet in Jesus’ honor. The other Gospels rounds out the guest list for us…

Read About It: Mark 14:1-3, John 12:2-11

  • What events are taking place outside the part while Jesus is in the company of friends?
  • Who is on the guest list? What is their connection with Jesus?
  • Although Mark doesn’t name the woman, John does. He said it was Mary. Do you think Mary’s act was spontaneous or planned? What support can you give from the text for your view?
  • How do Mary’s actions strike you; Thoughtful, but misguided? Tasteful, but too extravagant? Honoring to a degree? Wasteful, no buts about it?
  • When Jesus comes to her defense, how does he justify her actions? Why does Mary anoint Jesus to prepare him for his burial and the disciples do not?
  • How do you think the disciples reacted to Jesus’ rebuke and explanation? What fragrance does their faith give off?

Discussion from the Message:

  • Pastor Steve said, “Faith has a fragrance that fills whatever situation we are in and reaches to the heavens.” What fragrance does your faith give off in a crowd? Does it change depending on the situation or is it pretty much the same all the time?
  • If you had a year’s salary and the time to use it for Christ, how would you use it? How is that reflected in your budget and your priorities right now?
  • Pastor Steve said, “Mary poured out all she had on Jesus. She held nothing back. In a few days, Jesus would return the favor.” How?
  • How does Mary’s example encourage you? Challenge you?
  • What’s holding you back from expressing your love and appreciation more openly; the cost or the fear of what others might think or say?

Reflect: What spoke to you the most from last Sunday’s message? Why that?

  • What challenged or caused you to think the most?