June 5 SG Waiting Tables

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Waiting Tables

God’s plan for leadership in the church

June 5th, 2016

Note to leaders: Do not feel that you have to use every question but don’t skip the first question from message discussion!

Warm Up: What responsibility at home or work would you gladly give up? Never give up?

Background: The deacon ministry grew out a need… The early church was growing so fast that the leadership structure couldn’t meet all of the needs of the congregation. People were being neglected and the unity was being threatened. The obstacle presented the church with an opportunity to make a change that would pave the way for the church to continue to grow and ministry to expand by sharing the responsibility.

Read Text: Acts 2:44-45, 4:32, 6:1-7

  • Given Acts 2:44-45 and 4:32, how could the widows be neglected? What happened?
  • How do the Apostles resolve the problem? What were they giving up? What did they and the church gain in return?
  • Do you think the qualifications for waiting tables/ministering to needs were too lax or too strict?
  • Why did they choose men full of the Spirit and wisdom? Consider verse 6. Why such attention to a seemingly minor task?

From the Message: Acts 6:1-7, Romans 12:4-8

  • What spoke to you the most from the message and why? What challenged you the most? Don’t rush by this!
  • How can a local church help its pastor to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word? How can it hinder this?
  • What did you think when Pastor Steve said, “This may come as a surprise but you belong to the other church members”? In what ways is our life not our own?
  • This morning Pastor Steve said, “No one does everything but everyone does something.” What are you doing to discover your spiritual gifts and put them to work? Have you ever felt like your gifts weren’t needed or appreciated? If so, how?
  • Is the local church to be a democracy? If not, where is the balance between elder-rule versus congregational government?

Reflect: How can we do a better job selecting those who lead and serve our congregation as deacons? How much prayer are you willing to put into your recommendations? What’s at stake?

So the Word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.

Acts 6:7