January 27, 2022

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January 27, 2022

Our LORD, we belong to you. We tell you what worries us, and you won't let us fall. Psalms 55:22

Prayer List

New: Week of 1/23/2022
Betty Allison
Rod & Tracy Brandt
Maggie Bryson family
Rene Garn
Jim Ramsak
Elias Richardson
Smith family & Nana

**Previous Requests**
Theresa Arrowood & Mark Hanna
Patricia Ashley
Ruth Busch
Jim Claar’s family
Dona Corell
Karen D
Mary Dolvin’s niece Sophia
Mike Emerson
Dale Frady
David Gust
Eddie Hales
Paul & Phyllis Jackson
Gary Leonhardt
Jimmy McAdams
Adam Ph
Terry Pittman
Michael Reed
Rhett Robinson
Pat Shell
Farrah Taylor
Karen Townsend

Recovering from recent illness/surgery

Cy Gray
Ann Hammond
Mike Hedden
Nancy Kelly
Rosemary Robinson
Susan Willrich

Homebound/Nursing Home

Jerry & Jean Armstrong, at home
Marilyn Bostrom, Brasstown
Lynn Blumreich, at home
Gene Brumbaugh, at home
Pat Burgess, at home
Clella Byers, at home
Roy and Jeannette Cole
Rene Garn, at home
Hal & Nancy Harper, at home
Jean Hattaway , at home
BJ Hunter, at home
Connie Lake, CRNH
Flora McNabb, at home
Fran Peacock, at home
Flora Jean Roberts, Union
Harold Smith, at home
Callie Stahl, Brasstown
Tommy Tatum, Brasstown
Anne & Sam Wilburn, at home
Ward Wooley, at home

In the Hospital

Camila Hogsed, NEGA

Prayer requests:
If you would like to be added to this prayer list, please contact the church office at
706-896-2281, or email your request to Chris at: [email protected].


Danny & Retta Byers & family, at the death of their great-niece, Maggie Bryson.
Glenn & Linda Herreid, at the death of Linda’s brother Jerry.

Kingdom Prayer Focus

Lord God, you sit enthroned above the circle of the earth and we are like grasshoppers. You are holy and sovereign and have chosen only one to be the Greatest Of All Time…and that is Jesus! You tell us in your word that if we want to be great like Jesus, then we have to become a servant. Open our eyes to see the opportunities that are presented to us each day to serve you. Serving reflects who we are - and we want to reflect you. So use us mightily so those we serve will see Jesus Christ. May we be ever mindful that it is not about us. Like Jesus, who did not come to be served, but to serve…teach us humility. In Jesus name, amen.


2021-2022 Financial News
The company which provides our offering envelopes has notified us of a production delay which impacts our ability to provide the envelopes to you in early January. At this time, the earliest estimated arrival is late January. Once we receive these, they will be placed on tables in the Welcome Center for pick up. There are My Offering envelopes in the pew pockets which can be used until you receive your envelopes.
To save on print and mailing costs, you will receive your 2021 statement by email, if you have an address on file with the church office. For those with no email, your statement will be sent to the U.S. Postal address that we have on file. To update your email address, call the church office.

Every 5th Sunday (once a quarter) our Peak Worship kids celebrate with the adults in the Worship Service and sing for us. PEAK Kids (1st - 5th grade) will stay with their families for church. PEAK Kids Jr. (Kinder & Pre-K) will sing with the Elementary Kids, and then be ushered back to the Children’s Dept. Remember to wear your PEAK Kids T-Shirts!

Are you feeling confused about where God has called you to serve? Do you have difficulty discerning society’s voices of what you “should” be doing versus God’s voice? Are you searching for what God wants you to do? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please consider registering for PLACE – Spiritual Gifts Inventory Class which begins on Sunday, February 6th, 9 am, through Sunday, March 7th. A signup sheet is at the Welcome desk or call Dale Willrich at 678-232-6999.

If you are new to the church or want information on joining the church, please join Pastor Steve & Pastor Danny as they share information about McConnell’s vision. The class will be held on February 13th, at 11:45 a.m., in The Lodge immediately following the morning worship service. A light lunch will be served. This class is a prerequisite for joining the church. Please call the church office to register at 706-896-2281 or click here to register online.

COMMUNITY EVENT | 2/18- 2/19
“How To Raise Money-Wise Children God’s Way” live seminar and workshop presented by Bob Louder & Christian Financial Ministries at the Hiawassee Ministry and Event Center, Friday evening, Feb 18 from 6:00pm - 9:30pm & Saturday Morning, Feb 19 from 8:30am -Noon.  Pickup a flyer with details at the Welcome Desk or call Bob at 828-835-0888.



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