February 17, 2022

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February 17, 2022

Flowers and grass fade away, but what our God has said will never change. Isaiah 40:8

Prayer List

New: Week of 2/13/2022
Ed & Claudine McClure
Casey, Lisa & Katerina McConnell
Cassandra Ratliff
Brian Schrage
Jay Thorpe
Daniel Zorlescu

**Previous Requests**
Patricia Ashley
Theresa Arrowood & Mark Hanna
Patti Bradshaw
Jim Claar’s family
Dona Corell
Mary Dolvin’s niece Sophie
Mike Emerson
Dale Frady
John Gallogly
David Gust
Banks Harvey
Larry Holt
Dea Hunter
Phyllis Jackson
Melinda Joyner
Gary Leonhardt
Jimmy McAdams
Della McLain
Martha Miller
Pete & JB Peugh
Michael Reed
Elias Richardson
Pat Shell
Farrah Taylor
Karen Townsend

Recovering from recent illness/surgery

Manita Berrong
Mary Ann Dermody
John Gallogly
Eddie Hales
Ann Hammond
Mike Hedden
Rosemary Robinson

Homebound/Nursing Home

Jerry & Jean Armstrong, at home
Marilyn Bostrom, Brasstown
Lynn Blumreich, at home
Gene Brumbaugh, at home
Pat Burgess, at home
Clella Byers, at home
Roy and Jeannette Cole
Rene Garn, at home
Hal & Nancy Harper, at home
Jean Hattaway , at home
BJ Hunter, at home
Connie Lake, CRNH
Flora McNabb, at home
Fran Peacock, at home
Flora Jean Roberts, Union
Harold Smith, at home
Callie Stahl, Brasstown
Tommy Tatum, Brasstown
Anne & Sam Wilburn, at home
Ward Wooley, at home

In the Hospital

Camilla Hogsed, CRH
Nancy Kelly, Athens
Curt Ledford, NEGA
Bill Rahn, Claxton GA

Prayer requests:
If you would like to be added to this prayer list, please contact the church office at
706-896-2281, or email your request to Chris at: [email protected].


Jim & Sheila Crawford and family, at the death of Sheila’s stepfather Paul Jackson.
Christine Spaulding, at the death of her niece, Debbie Spaulding.

Kingdom Prayer Focus

Heavenly Father, we come before you to thank you that we were created to be in relationship with you and others. Keep us Christ Centered in our marriages and give us the ability to be a united front for you letting nothing come between us. Help us to identify whatever is at the center of our lives that influence our values and beliefs…good and bad. Remind us to come to you seeking a stronger bond of unity in our marriage covenant by keeping Jesus as our ONE and our spouse as our TWO. We are thankful and excited to see the work of your hand as we do our best to seek your face daily. We love you and thank you for all of these things. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen!


Offering Envelopes
The company which provides our offering envelopes has notified us of a production delay which impacts our ability to provide the envelopes to you. Once we receive these, they will be placed on tables in the Welcome Center for pick up. There are My Offering envelopes in the pew pockets which can be used until you receive your envelopes.

The Hope Room is not accepting donations at this time. We will be processing all your recently donated items in order to start getting ready for Spring. We are still open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays so our community can stock up on warm winter clothing. We are so thankful for the generosity of our church members!

COMMUNITY EVENT | 2/18 - 2/19
“How To Raise Money-Wise Children God’s Way” live seminar and workshop presented by Bob Louder & Christian Financial Ministries at the Hiawassee Ministry and Event Center, Friday, Feb 18th from 6:30-9:30pm & Saturday, Feb 19th from 8:30 - noon. Pickup a flyer in the lobby or call Bob at 828-835-0888.

Men of all ages are invited to come to our McConnell Men’s ministry. Facilitated by Pastor Steve Awtrey, this group meets monthly in the Lodge with dinner provided. For the February meeting, we will continue The Chosen series followed by group discussion. This is a great outreach event, so invite someone to come with you!

A short term small group Bible study starts March 2 based on the book “Total Forgiveness” by R.T. Kendall. It will meet on the five Wednesdays in March from 6 PM until 7:30 PM in room XYZ. You will learn Bible based strategies for forgiving others, forgiving God, and forgiving yourself. Please stop by Room XYZ for a brief informational meeting after this morning's service. For questions or details, call or text Pat Turner at 770-617-9802.

Our Awana program at McConnell has grown by leaps and bounds and we have a record number of kids showing up! We are in need of volunteers who are willing to commit Mondays throughout the school year to help us minister to these children with God’s Word. Call Tom Wade for more info at 478-285-0031.

In November we launched a new prayer ministry for the children in our church called “From Little Acorns come Mighty Oaks”. Many of you selected a child, committing to pray for your Little Acorn through this year. In order to help you pray for a child/family you may not know, we have some scriptures to enhance your prayer time. Pickup a sheet at the Welcome Desk today!



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