A Walk to Remember, April 10th Lord’s Supper

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Small Group Study Guide, Communion

Apr. 10th, 2016

Warm Up: What’s the longest walk you’ve ever taken? Would you do it again?

Background: The disciples en route to Emmaus didn’t recognize Jesus. The question is: Would we recognize Jesus if we saw him? Chances are, you’d have trouble, like most people, recognizing people you should know, but don’t especially when life’s circumstances are less than idea. Difficulties and hardship have a way of blinding us to his presence and leaving us with the feeling that God has abandoned us. This is especially true when a promise has been broken or when we have watched a dream die.

Read About It: Luke 24:13-35

  • When you are really down, do you want to be alone or with others? Who is on the guest list? What is their connection with Jesus?
  • What do you think caused these men to leave Jerusalem? What were they talking about as they walked?
  • Why didn’t the recognize Jesus when they saw him? If you had been in their sandals, do you think you would have recognized him?
  • Why did Jesus do a roundabout Bible study rather than just reveal his identity immediately and directly? Why did Jesus “act” as if was going further?
  • What opened their eyes to Jesus’ identity? What helps you recognize Jesus alongside you when you are down?

Discussion from the Message:

  • What spoke to you the most from last Sunday’s message? Why that?
  • What challenged or caused you to think the most?
  • Pastor Steve said, “Sometimes we fail to recognize Jesus’ presence because we are slow and hard of heart.” How much of their blindness to you attribute to their disappointment with Jesus? Has Jesus ever disappointed you by not doing what you thought he should?
  • Pastor Steve said, “Sometimes we are slow to believe because things are not always as they seem.” How so?
  • How do the scriptures help you see what you might be missing; what’s hiding in plain sight?
  • Pastor Steve said, “Sometimes Jesus seems to leave or seems to go missing when we need him most?” What is Jesus trying to accomplish? What response is he looking for on our part?
  • Pastor Steve closed by sharing three truths:
    1. Just because you don’t see Jesus doesn’t mean he isn’t there.
    2. Just because you can’t feel him doesn’t mean he isn’t there.
    3. Just because you think you’re alone doesn’t mean he is left your side.
  • Which one of these truths do you need to be reminded of right now?  Why?

Reflect: If Jesus were to walk for a few miles with you today, what would you want to talk to him about?

Where is your “Road to Emmaus”—the place where Jesus surprised you recently?

Did you urge him to stay? Why or why not?